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What is healthy food for pregnancy?

what is healthy food for pregnancy?

What is healthy food for pregnancy? it is the most common question which is frequently asked by most of the pregnant women. While you previously consuming nastiest minerals and vitamins in a daily meal. But in pregnancy you should not use unhealthy foods like unpasteurized juices and raw milk. These things are bad and can be dangerous for the health of a pregnant woman. You have to use just fresh fruit and fresh vegetable.


What is healthy food for pregnancy?

what is healthy food for pregnancy?

Fresh fruits

Pregnant women should eat fresh because fresh food is good for health. During pregnancy fresh food there are many advantages of fresh food like apple, orange, mango, and banana etc.

Healthy foods during pregnancy

1: Eat sweet potatoes it is good for health.

2: Eat beans in which lots of vitamins are present it is good for health.

3: Eat salmon in which high-quality vitamins are present and it is good for baby health.

4: Eat fresh vegetable because in vegetable lots of vitamins and protein are present it is good for baby and mother health both.


Things that should be avoided

Unpasteurized  juice

Unpasteurized juices are those juices that are harmful to the health. There are many juices that are bad for health. Unpasteurized juices that juice whose temperature is between 70-72 degree. There are many bad Bactria present in unpasteurized juices. Unpasteurized juices are not used during pregnancy. There are many types of unpasteurized juices fresh coke, & other juices etc.

Don’t use these things

1: first a fall pregnant women not used detergent, soap and bleach etc.

2: don’t clean home surface because due to up and down there is a problem in pregnant women.

3: don’t walk long.

4: avoid these foods like eggs, unpasteurized juices, some fish verities, and sushi.

5: don’t eat fast food.


Unpasteurized juices are bad for health because unpasteurized juices and other such products contain lots of Bactria which can be very harmful for the upcoming baby.

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