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Pregnancy Food with Calcium Which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy Food with Calcium Which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy food with calcium is quite essential to ensure the skeletal development of the fetus. An insufficient intake of calcium while expecting can increase your risk of suffering from osteoporosis in the later stages of life manifold.

So all expecting women should take a very good care of your diet during pregnancy and increase the calcium reserves in your body.

Pregnancy Food with Calcium Which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy

Some of the Important pregnancy food with Calcium


            Milk is an important source of calcium. It is popular across all the age groups. It is the best way to start your day with a glass of milk to stay fit. Like milk, all other products of milk are also a great source of calcium for you such as yogurt, cheese etc. Therefore, a pregnant woman should consume a fair amount of milk and dairy products during the special nine months of pregnancy.


            Oranges are the best option if you are looking for a calcium-rich diet. You can use oranges as an alternative to dairy products if you don’t like dairy products. Apart from calcium oranges are also loaded with vitamin C, which is helpful to boost up your immunity and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.


            This exotic fruit is full of energy and some of the most vital nutrients. The sweet fruit is rich in calcium and very important to safeguard your bones and teeth during pregnancy. Most importantly, dates are easily available at grocery stores all over the year.

Dried Figs:

            You can consider dried figs as a perfect mid-day snack. Along with calcium, they are also pretty rich in fiber content. They are very helpful to strengthen bones of the developing baby. Dried figs are also helpful to cure constipation which is one of the major problems during pregnancy.

Oat Meal:

             Oatmeal provides you a wholesome amount of nutrition. They are loaded with calcium, carbs, folic acid, riboflavin, and potassium. This can be healthy breakfast option for you to keep your tummy full.


            Kale is similar to wild cabbage in appearance. It is considered as a storehouse of calcium. You have multiple options to consume kale.  You can either eat it in the form of salad or you can also enjoy it in the form of chips or patties. Therefore, a pregnant woman should eat kale to fulfill the deficiency of calcium and to rule out many other health complications during pregnancy.


            Tofu is known as one of the super foods rich in calcium during pregnancy. Fitness experts also recommend tofu because it is loaded with some of the vital nutrients like Magnesium, calcium, proteins, and iron. All these aspects make it a must have dish during pregnancy.

You can also try a lot of healthy and delicious recipes using this nutrient rich and versatile ingredient. Such as Tofu and vegetables with peanuts, grilled tofu skewers can be some of the great options while you are expecting.





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