Healthy Food
veitnamese healthy food

List of top ten Vietnamese healthy food which are enriched with nutritions

Vietnamese healthy food
Vietnamese healthy food

There is a long list of  famous Vietnamese Healthy Food such as oatmeal, salmon, Avocado, Olive oil, Almonds, Black beans, Cranberries, Green vegetable, Soybeans, Black or dark chocolate. They are healthy to eat.
We will Discuss only a few of them here.

Vietnamese healthy food


Oatmeal  is a healthy food which contains omega-3 fatty acids. It is good for your health. Vietnamese people start the day with oatmeal. It reduces blood cholesterol and helps to maintain a healthy physique. People should eat oatmeal with bananas and berries. It increases the nutrition in the body. You can eat oatmeal with brown rice. It is known as the best food of Vietnamese.


Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids. It decreases the cholesterol in the body. It also clean your blood. You can eat salmon with a fish salad. You can also create own dishes.


Avocado contain monounsaturated fat. It increases the good cholesterol and reduces Bad cholesterol in the body. Avocados help your body absorb beta-carotene or lycopene. As both are vital for health.

Olive oil

Olive Oil is a natural juice produced from olives .It contains the original olive flavor. The Vietnamese people eat about 25 ml olive oil in a day. Olive Oil enhances the antioxidant capacity. The fatty acids, calcium, and antioxidant in olive oil help protect the arteries and balance the cholesterol level.


Almonds are good for health as tons of vitamin E makes it a good antioxidant. They help protect against atherosclerosis. It reduces the lipid 13-20%. You can eat chocolate almonds and dried almond with yogurt.

Green vegetables

A green vegetable is such a healthy food for Vietnamese people. People from all over the world like green vegetables. Green vegetables contain many different vitamins and protein and it is used to fight against different diseases. Many green vegetables contain omega 3 fatty acid.

Preventing cancer

The second name of preventing cancer is lychee. It contains many minerals and vitamins. Lychee is full of flavonoids, it is useful against cancer. Lychee or preventing cancer is a good source of  Vitamin C . It controls heart disease. Vitamin C is good for tissue and bone.


Milk and dairy foods are healthy food and are nutrient-rich.It provides good foundations of calcium, Vitamin D as protein and other important nutrients. They provide magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A and potassium.

Black or dark chocolate

Most people like Black or dark chocolate in Vietnam. It is most popular sweet in the world. Some studies say that eating chocolate can help you to live longer. Black or dark chocolate is good for human health.


Soybeans are from legume family and grow in East Asia. They are an important source of protein in the orient for over four thousand years. Soybeans are only familiar to the Western world since the 20th century. Soybeans grow in variety of soils and a wide range of climates.

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