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Is Olive Oil Bad for you

Is Olive Oil Bad for you

If you are questioning about “Is Olive Oil bad for you?”, you will surely find something useful here. Olives are used from past as a natural remedy to cure many diseases. Nowadays, they are used as an important ingredient of delicious food too. As long as it concern, olives are not always a healthy approach. There is no doubt good effects on our health. But, excessive use of the olives can cause arteries issues. People often confuse olives by calling it a fruit or a vegetable. You should keep in mind that olives are fruits. Most of us think that they belong to reviving vegetables but that’s not all. Moreover, it actually belongs to the personal of monounsaturated fatty acids that promote healthy effects along with the chances of depositing fats in the bloodstream. We’ll discuss both sides of the olives that are good and bad for you.

Is Olive Oil Bad for you

Good or Bad?

In the discussion of “Is Olive Oil Bad for you?”, the decision is totally one-sided. They are very good for your health. Besides many benefits and healthy effects there are some limitations as well. Just do not use it in excessive amounts otherwise it may cause stress and fatigue. The disadvantages are quite less than its benefits. So, some of the good effects are discussed here:


People usually prefer to use fast food and sometimes pay no heed towards their health importance. Mostly, the oils that are used in the dishes probably contain saturated fats that are extremely harmful for your heart. What olives do is that they oxidize the cholesterol deposited in the bloodstream. Olive belongs to oil but these are healthy monounsaturated ones that are helpful to regulate and lower the blood pressure.


It is studied that olives is well equipped with vitamin A that is utilized by our body to improve vision and to minimize and remove the issues of night blindness. In addition, the olives are helpful to avoid cataract, muscle deterioration, glaucoma and other optical diseases. A cup of olives is filled with about 13% of daily requirement of vitamin A. Adding them as a part of your daily diet is obviously a good option.


Among the many types of olives, the black ones are very important for the supply of iron. Iron provides oxygen to tissues for healthy cells functionality. If iron lacks, it will cause serious health problem and will surely turn you weak. Olives help to make cytochrome enzymes and carnitine that are responsible to improve your immune system.

Skin and health

Besides vitamin A, olive oil contain vitamin E that acts as an important agent to protect you from harmful radiations of sun rays (UV radiations). Applying it on the skin acts as a natural sun block. Moreover, it is extremely useful for hair scalp. Olive actually condenses the hair and provides extra shine. In addition, another best approach is to mix an egg, yogurt, and olive oil in a jar and apply on the hair.

Weight loss

Olives oxidizes and breaks the fat cell’s fat. Thus, it contributes to lose belly fat and helps in reducing weight. The olive oil is less caloric hence useful for daily tasks.


Olives are proved to be useful in curing and preventing cancer. Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress causes cancer. Olives prevent their combinations thus reducing the chances of getting affected by cancer. Colon cancer is also prevented by the use of olives.

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