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Healthy food to gain weight during pregnancy

Healthy food to gain weight during pregnancy

Eating healthy food does not necessarily means that you will always remain slim. In fact, a lot of people used to eat in bulk amount without caring a number of calories they are consuming and the result is what,they are still slim. Sometimes, it is valuable healthy food to gain weight. It is advisable to eat those healthy foods that provide you with such a diet that is helpful to gain your weight that suits your body physique. This domain is quite useful especially for those people that are weak and had a lack of healthy food in their appetites. Here we will tell you how to maintain your BMI but keep in mind that the more you take the calories, the more you gain your weight.

healthy food to gain weight during pregnancy

Some of the most important Healthy food to gain weight

What to take in breakfast

Breakfasting is considered as the most important meal to decide your health conditions. You should eat it with a lot of calories keeping in mind the limits. But if you are going to increase your weight, try a milkshake, banana shake, smoothies and water about half an hour before eating. In between the breakfast, you should try to take some butter, yogurt and other natural fatty substances and fruits.

What to take as fruits

No one can deny the effects of fruits on our health. Nature has provided us with such types of fruits that help to gain the desired weight quantity. Only weight gain should not be the target to be achieved. Feeding the nutrients and calories to body with extra amount should be. Apple provides iron to regulate blood flow and avoid strokes, an orange provides vitamin C, berries if added to smoothies or shakes can result in weight gain. Avocados and olives are just meant to be weight enhancers. Tropical fruits are meant to give you extra calories, thus extra weight too. Dry fruits are excellent sources of proteins and calories that are valuable in gaining weight like apricots and raisins.

What to take as vegetables

If you can’t afford fruits all the time, then another possibility left is to consume leafy vegetables that are loaded with the exceptional amount of nutrients and calories as well. Consuming vegetables in the form of curry or with the combinations of other vegetables can certainly result in weight gain.

What to take in dessert

Desserts are commonly sweetish in taste. People used to love eating such yummy dishes. It is advisable to take such desserts that are quite high in calories like zucchini bread, pie, cookies and chocolate brownies etc.

What to take in dinner

Fish is typically known to be worthwhile to be eaten in dinner. The reason is the hidden treasure of calories in it. Salmon, Trout, and Tuna are vital for weight gain in just a couple of days. Try some milk too but never ever drink it in case you have already eaten a fish.

What to take in drinks

Connecting your meal with drinks is quite helpful in weight gain. Almost, you can take smoothies like a fruit smoothie, especially, like a yummy blueberry banana smoothie, pumpkin pie smoothie, mint chocolate smoothie and creamy orange smoothie. Recent studies have shown that tea is known to be weight increasing agent.

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