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Healthy food for iron during pregnancy

Healthy food for iron during pregnancy

If you are looking for a food for iron during pregnancy, you will definitely find a great variety of food here. The most thing is to keep your iron content as more as you can. As in the last days of pregnancy, the energy requirements gets increased for you and your baby as well. Otherwise, the red blood cells will not be produced in enough amounts that can result in anemia or some serious defects in the baby’s health. Before continuing, you must know the types of iron that our body consumes. There are two types: one is the heme while the other one is non-heme. Heme iron is found in the meat of various animals and can be easily absorbed while that of non-heme are difficult to absorb.

Healthy food for iron during pregnancy

Some of the best food for iron during pregnancy:


Fruits are always at the top in providing each and every kind of nutrients. Because we are looking around for the iron rich foods, the best one is surely an “apple”. Apple a day keeps a doctor away is a perfectly right quotation. If you are pregnant, consuming an apple or its shake daily in the morning is very beneficial to meet your iron requirements. Some other items Currants, Prunes, Raisins, and Watermelons are excellent sources of iron along with their sweet tastes. In fact, in pregnancy, it is vital and suggested by doctors to add them in your daily diet. Strawberries and other berry members contain vitamin C and some iron contents as well. Thus, berries aid in fulfilling small amounts of iron during breakfast.


Vegetables are famous in providing the essential amounts of nutrients including iron. Spinach is known to be the best among other members in fulfilling the iron needs. Tomato and its juice are beneficial to meet your iron contents. Generally, all the green leafy vegetables contain enough iron. In addition, potatoes also contain iron with vitamin C that allows the better absorption of iron during digestion. Thus, it is used with almost every food. Broccoli, similarly as potatoes, contains vitamin C and iron. It can be the substitute for potatoes as well. Peas contain iron as well. They can be taken with many foods. Boiled peas can also meet your daily iron requirements. About 8% of your daily iron needs can be fulfilled by the peas.

Lentils and pulses

Lentils are the substitute of iron and proteins. Since you can’t afford to eat meat in every meal, the best option is to divert towards lentils. These can be formed easily and can be eaten in a variety of forms. In addition, in pregnancy, it is obvious to add in your diet.


Meat contains such type of iron compounds that are far more than that present in the vegetables. The meat of chicken, beef, and mutton, and fish, all are beneficial if taken in appropriate amounts. As the large consumption can also be a defective way of getting iron. So take the meat twice or thrice a week in few ounces.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is known to have 1mg of iron in a single fist. Taken them as a snack or at any time, can definitely meet 5% of iron contents that is enough for a daily consumption need. Sunflower seeds are quite valuable in providing you iron along with vitamin E. About half of the iron contents is met with just the cup of sunflower seeds.

Brown Rice

Rice is certainly used everywhere. It contains antioxidants and fibers along with enriched iron contents. Rice can be served in a variety of formats, especially in Asia. The low and middle class of people meet their iron contents with rice. Since boiled rice is soft and easily consumable, thus it is an effective way to serve the patients and pregnant women.


Beans especially kidney beans are the healthy food for iron during pregnancy. But the disadvantage is that they make gas in the intestine. So you can also take soybeans instead. These are versatile and can be used with soups, fried or cooked form. Pinto beans are one of the delicious beans that are very good in providing you with iron contents. Black beans are found to be loaded with fibers and iron. They can contribute in 21% boost of iron if taken in a handful amounts daily. Lima beans also contain iron-rich compounds. In addition, it is found to be grown anciently. It is advisable to eat them in cooked form instead of in raw form.

Dark Chocolates

Don’t just take chocolate as a sweet dessert. It can certainly meet 40% of your daily iron needs. Besides the healthy impacts on heart, it is known to secrete such chemical compounds that have positive effects on your mood.

Unrefined Sugar

Unrefined sugar can be categorized as “molasses”. If you are getting tired of eating fruits and vegetables, it will be better to switch on the molasses. It definitely contributes to nearly 9% of daily iron needs. Add them in milk, sandwiches or cereal to boost up the nutrients requirements.


Syrups are easy to be consumed. The well-known sources of iron producing syrups are corn and maple syrups. Generally, corn syrup is made with the starch of corn and other sugars such as maltose or oligosaccharides while maple syrup is made by the liquor of xylem of a maple tree.

Iron supplements

Another easy approach to fulfilling the iron needs during pregnancy. Normally, tablets or pills are taken but it is advised to rely on the organic foods as they are free from any processes of refining or chemical reactions. But if necessary, you can go for tablets. Remember! Don’t take these tablets on an empty stomach. Some pills are not allowed to take with the milk or other dairy products.


Peppers are not meant to provide you the iron. Instead, the pepper particularly orange, red and black ones help in the absorption of (non-heme) iron that is difficult to be absorbed. Actually, the pepper contains vitamin C that boosts up the iron consumption.

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