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Healthy food before bed which is good for health

Healthy food before bed which is good for health

Healthy food before bed which is good for heath. The truth is that nothing enchanted happens within your body when the clock raids 9 p.m. You might become more inactive and burn fewer calories, but closing down the kitchen too early may be slowing down your results.

The “don’t eat at night” theory seems attractive logical at first glance; after all, the earlier you eat calories, the more time you have to injury them off all over  the day. Some studies have found that, in some cases, healthy grownups burn fewer calories processing a meal at night than during the day. Other research claims that night eating strength not keep you as full as day eating. However, there are two factors to keep in mind when understanding studies like these.

Healthy food before bed which is good for health

Some research, such as the oft-cited study that showed greater weight increase in mice during a time when they were usually sleeping, uses rodents, which may be pretentious differently than humans. An interesting find certainly, but I was told to never trust a rat.

Many studies are done on very specific inhabitants, so the results may not be appropriate for everyone.

 Healthy food before bed which is good for health


2 cups milk

1 cup cottage cheese

1 scoop casein powder with 1/2 cup milk

8 ounces Greek yogurt


Shoot for less than 200 calories and 30-40 grams of protein.

Eat meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

Choose casein protein over whey when possible.

Have an added snack within 25 minutes of going to bed.

Select a snack made up mostly of protein.

Shoot for less than 200 calories and 30-40 grams of protein.


Picking the right foods is vital for keeping your body in an anabolic state and scenery the stage for best power growth and recovery during sleep. Your best bet for a night snack is protein. Whey is the most common type found in protein supplements, but casein is usually thought to be the best to consume before bed. It’s free from the stomach and absorbed into the blood stream more slowly than whey, making it ideal for lengthy anabolism during overnight sleep.

The 4 Best Bedtime Snacks for Weight Loss and healthy food before bed which is good for health


Sure, it’s treated, but hear us out One helping of this snack holds filling protein and fat. So you feel gratified—and it only packs about 85 calories. String Cheese also packs the amino acid tryptophan, which may help make you sleepy.


For about 102 to 148 calories, you get the calming powers of tryptophan from the dairy, as well as filling protein. Plus, yogurt can help calm your stomach, so you’re less likely to wake up with dyspepsia or dyspepsia and instead can score a good night’s rest.


We’re totally loving this one—the creamy chocolate sweet goes down easy, but it doesn’t encompass the fat that can sit in your stomach like a rock all night. One single-serve pack stands up about 90 calories.


Not only are bananas loaded with gratifying fiber and calming tryptophan but they’re the faultless late-night nosh if you’ve already cleaned up your kitchen. You won’t leave behindhand any dishes or tackles to wash.

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