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healthy food at taco bell

Healthy Food at Taco-bell

If you are looking for a healthy food at Taco Bell, you should know that it is one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains rooted in different states that is headquartered in Irvine, California. Its parent organization is known to be “Yum! Brands” with 6407 restaurants situated at variable places. Taco Bell contributes very well to the economy of the USA as it also operates internationally. It provides good quality and healthy fast foods and servicing since a decade.

healthy food at taco bell

Half Shelled Tacos

This dish was responsible for the remarkable reputation and popularity of the TacoBell. The founder of TacoBell reversed engineered the recipe and made it the front end serving to its valuable customers. It has many different forms of production. A hot selling recipe is here:


Grounded brown beef is drained off from the fats and seasoned with tomato sauce and well-refined beans. Take shells and pour the mixture by spooning them all together. Place the residue in a pan and sprinkle some grated cheese. Now, its time to bake it in an oven at about 4000 C for a couple of minutes.

Crunchwrap Supreme

Cruchwrap supreme is the most delicious healthy food recipe in Taco Bell. Among many of its modifications, one is here. For this, all you have to do is to take seasoned beef, sour cream, sauce, lettuce, large corn tortilla and some cheese. You can also take some taco shell too.

The recipe is usually made in two steps. First one is to cook beef while the second is to assemble crunch wraps. Mix the ingredients with spices in a separate skillet. Remove grease from the beef by crumbling and heat until brown. Now, to remove moisture from the beef, place it in a pan and stir with the mixture of spices and water. Remove the heat until your beef is completely dry.

Second step. Make tortilla flexible by heating it for about half an hour. Place spread beef on a tortilla. Add the mentioned ingredients mentioned in the start and fold the edges. Wrap until hexagon shape is obtained. To turn it brown, heat for a minute or two on each side.


This name is given by the Teco oBell itself. Actually, it is similar to an enchilada. The healthy food is quite simple to manufacture. Tortilla flour is weathered with taco meat, onions, sauces, and cheese and after that, it is rolled and cooked. Its spicy and veggie taste is difficult to express.

Refried Bean Mexican Pizza

If you are a hard worker, this healthy food provides you with calories up to 400. To take in such valuable units, take a skillet, and cook onion & beef until beef’s pinkish color vanishes. Continuously stir in water until it boils. You can serve the dish with refried beans over the top with cheese.

Veggie Cantina Bowl

This dish is made by the mishmash of brown rice, corn, lettuce, beans and tomatoes in a reviving and fresh meal. In addition, just bring on a chicken breast for an extraordinary taste..

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