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Nutrients in Rice

Do You Want to Know Top Health Benefits of Nutrients in rice

Rice is the most favorite one in the list of food menu. The number of nutrients in rice is countless. Rice is most popular kind of food in the whole world. It is a complete package of nutrients. The health benefits of rice includes its ability to give more ad fast energy to make the body stronger and healthy. It is a collection of vitamins,carbohydrates and proteins.It is very important cereal crop all over the world.
Rice is the seed of grass. It is considered one of the best cereal and most used staple food in the whole world. It contains important nutrients that help to remain healthy and reduces the chances of many harmful diseases like blood sugar,blood pressure and many more.
Nutrients in Rice

List of nutrients in Rice

Rice is rich in many nutrients such as vitamins,fats,carbohydrates and proteins.
Nutrients Amount

Carbs 28.7 g
Fat 0.2 g
Saturated fats 0.05 g
Calories 130
Sugar 28.7 g
Fiber 28.7 g
Water 69 %
Omega-3 0.01 g
Omega-6 0.04 g


Total carbohydrates 44.5 g
Starch 0.6 g
Sugar 0.1g
Starch 0.6 g

Amount of Carbs in Rice

Rice is composed of carbs that are good for healthy diet. Carbs are present in the form of starch.It is equal to the 90% of the total weight and contains 87% of calorie in it.
Starch is from the family of carbohydrates in food and having long chains of glucose like amylose and amylopectin. Rice that have more amount of amylose is not sticky after cooking like basmati rice. The rice less in the quantity of starch is somehow sticky after cooking.

Vitamins and Minerals in Rice

Many vitamins and minerals are present in brown rice like bran and germ.Both brown and rice have their own importance.


It is found in brown rice.It is one of the most necessary dietary mineral.The deficiency of magnesium in diet may causes many disease.


Copper is good for healthy heart.It is found in the form of whole grains.In western countries copper is in less amount so if the diet have no good amount of copper than heart disease are more there.
It is called as vitamin B3. It is present in rice in the form of nicotine acid.
It is called as vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is in rice that is important to remain healthy.It is essential to keep the function of metabolism and heart in a stable form.It also keep muscles strong and nervous system balanced.
It is a mineral in the form of selenoproteins which have numerous important functionality in the body.
Manganese is a mineral found in rice that helps out in development,growth and controlling he antioxidents.
Phytic Acid 
Phytic acid is an antioxidant present in brown rice. It helps in the absorption of diaetry minerals such as zinc and iron.
Ferulic Acid 
Ferulic acid is among the strong acid present in bran rice. It helps to reduces the diseses such as Cancer,diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
It is also present in bran rice. Lignans are converted into enterolactone that have lots of benefits.
2 AP means 2-acetyl 1pyrroline substance that is responsible of keeping the taste and smell in rice. Such as especially, basmati rice.

Types of rice

The rice is found in various form such as white rice,brown rice and wild rice.

White Rice

White rice comes in long –grain and short grain form. Short grain rice is full of starch and very sticky.Short grain rice is used in may dishes such as sushi, risotto dishes and mixed with chilli items. Long grain rice are basmati and jasmine contains less amount of starch is present in it.  Nutrients in rice contains 9% of carbohydrates,8% protein and 2% fats.White rice is rich in nutrients as it contains folic acid,iron,phosphrous,niacin,magnesium and selenium. White rice is low in fiber and have omega 6 fatty acid.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is also composed of short grain and long grain rice variety. It contains low starch then white rice that ‘s why takes more time to cook. It contains four time more fiber than white rice. Fibers help in especially, maintaining the level of glucose in sugar blood. Brown rice is 85 % carbohydrates,8% protein and 7 % fats. It contains more amount of magnesium than white rice.

Wild Rice

Wild rice is also a kind grass rice. It is more nutritious than brown rice. It contains higher level of vitamin A,folic acid and protein.Wild rice contains more omega 3 fatty acid then brown rice. Wild rice are less in minerals as compare to brown rice.

Health benefits of Rice

• There are many health benefits of rice.Rice is very good for heart. It keeps the health of the heart good.Bran oil made form the rice is benefited for heart. It also keep the level of cholesterol stable.
• Rice is good for skin and hair.Rice water is used as the facial cleanser. It is also used for the acne treatment. For hair it is used as a and the hair both shinny.
• Rice is rich in carbohydrates that help to keep the immune system healthy.

Health benefit of rice taking in pregnancy

Is rice is good in taking during pregnancy? Rice is a healthy grain. It is really good in taking during pregnancy. Rice is a staple foodIt provides instant energy to the body during pregnancy.As carbohydrates are present in rice. It keeps the woman active and energetic during expecting. It also prevents from constipation during pregnancy.It helps in maintaining blood pressure during pregnancy. The pregnant woman feels more healthier while eating rice as it prevents her from Urino-Genital infections.It strengthens the bones of the pregnant woman as it contains good amount of calcium and vitamins. Brown rice have neuro transmitter nutrients that will control the cognitive function of the babies.

Precautionary measures for washing rice

Always wash the rice before cooking sometime it contains dust particles. It is necessary to wash the rice with great care. More washing the rice means utilizing the amount of nutrients that are present in rice. It means that a rich amount of nutrients and minerals are wasted. So be careful in washing the rice in order to keep rice full with minerals and vitamins. The amount of nutrients in rice is countless. It is one of the most healthiest and famous food in the whole world.

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