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Cheap Healthy Food for Student in College

Cheap Healthy Food for Student in College

Finding a cheap healthy food for student in college student is totally hooked on a fact that whether there is a cafeteria in a college of not?  It is also a fact that the tummy empties itself at a greater rate during the study. In college, attending different lectures of different subjects is not that easy. So finding a cheap healthy food for fulfilling the tummy needs is an important factor. If you are living in a hostel, then you should have to worry about your hostel canteen. Keep in mind! “Canteen is your best companion for an appetite”. Long and short, let’s discuss the cheap food for a student in college.

Cheap Healthy Food for Student in College

Some of the important Cheap Healthy Food for Student in College


This healthy food item is very cheap and can be taken in a breakfast, lunch, and even for a dinner too. If you are striving a lot, all you have to do is to jump into a canteen, find a sandwich, give few pennies, take a sandwich and put it in your tummy. The job is done.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is also a desirable healthy food item having a lot of calories in it. Especially, It can be used to wish your mate a happy birthday and can be utilized even in hostel parties.


Being a college student, you can’t compromise on your diet and health. Try to take in protein full diet. There is a huge difference between eating at home than that in college and you know it very well. Regardless for rushing for protein, all you have to do is to take an egg, boil it or make an omelet out of it. If you can’t find one, then you have to rush to a chicken or a store to purchase. If any meat item is available at the canteen, again jump into it, and repeat the process as described for the sandwich.


The salad is easy to make and consume with its low manufacturing cost. The possibility of its availability at canteen is positive. Your vital nutrients needs can be achieved by the salad. Vegetables and fruits in salad contain starch, sugars, vitamins and fibers that lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


Instead of a big meal, a college student can kill his hunger with a simple snacking too. Snacking on a junk food is quite disturbing to your health as it results in weight gain and other fat problems but healthy snacking is good for the health of a college student. A college student can take his/her nutrients from the snacks and the energy levels of the body can be sustained. Well! Canteen jumps can give you positive responses.

Fruits & Vegetables

Don’t just rely on the cafeteria. Try to take fruits and vegetables in your lunch. Especially, in Exams days are quite harsh as they utilize all your energy. Eating fruits is a good idea, so take some in your bag. Leafy vegetables are an excellent source to give you energetic start of the day.




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