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Very Low Carb Diet

A Very Low Carb Diet

What are carb and why they are good? Very low carb diet is defined as the dietary products that reduce the carbohydrates consumption mostly for the treatment of obesity. A very low carb diet is also described as eating less amount of carbohydrates...

Do oranges have carbs?

Do Oranges have Carbs? Oranges have a moderate level of sugars, but they are also packed with nutrients. If you can, make room in your low-carb diet for an occasional serving. A fresh squeezed squirt of orange juice can add flavor to meats, water...

Do you Know Is White Rice Good for Health or Not?

Do you Know Is White Rice Good for Health or Not?

Do you know is white rice good for health? White rice remains a food essential for much of the world’s population. Many cultures eat rice for several meals each day. Though we produce white rice  through a refining process that removes much of the...

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