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Honey bees are the strangest creatures ever created by nature. If you study its basic structure and the formation of beehive, you will surely shock to see it. It is basically produced from nectar collected from the flowers. By the process of regurgitation, the bitter nectar is converted into sweet honey. The availability is going down due to disturbed environments for the bees nowadays. The bees are kept by bee keepers for the its production economically. Honey is known to be the secret of health. Health experts consider it a healthy practice to take it at least 1 tablespoon after the breakfast. Cosmetics and homeopathic medicines are made by inserting it in. People of every age can take benefits for their health but in some cases, it is dangerous for babies. So, by studying all the factors, we have managed to collect healthy food in which you can use it as an ingredient.

Nutritional facts of Honey Which You Should Know

Nutritional facts of Honey Which You Should Know

Nutritional facts of honey are far beyond imagination. Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution with approximately 17.1 percent water. Fructose is the most dominant sugar at 38.5 percent, followed by glucose which is at 31 percent. Along with...

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