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Are lemons good for your health

Are lemons good for your health

Let me ask you something. Are lemons good for your health? Like most people, you will certainly consider it as a sourest citrus fruit ever made by nature. But it is totally against the fact. The little yellowish creature is responsible for many crucial metabolic reactions within our body. Summarizing all of them here is quite difficult. Lemons are diamonds for your health as it provides you zinc, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, vitamin of every type and folate etc. Let’s come up to the point.

Are lemons good for your health

Constipation and Digestive issues

Constipation or digestive issues are common in the kids. In such cases, lemon comes in handy. Add drops of lemon in your food. Remember not to add milk otherwise the results can tend to become negative. In case you are suffering from diarrhea, the only chance to fill your salt requirements is through the lemonade. Blend some lemon juice with sugar and salt. You will get relief soon.

Lemon- a temperature regulator

Another best remedy to cure fever and high temperature is through the lemon. Moreover, if you are suffering from flu and cold too, try some lemons as they cure such issues by increasing your sweating and cooling you down to normal body temperature.

Lemon- a whitening agent

Especially, in the case of women, their utmost priority is to make them as beautiful as they can. You don’t have to wander around for a costly and best cosmetic product. In fact, the best cosmetic product is lemon-made by nature only for you. You can apply the lemon juice directly on the skin along with the natural ingredients like gram flour and aloe Vera. This will surely remove the dark spots and dirt from the skin. Besides the exterior benefits, if you are looking for interior ones, the best thing is to make lemonade- a glass or two for yourself. It is proven that lemonade cleans up the interior parts of your body without causing a single side effect. Start drinking a lemonade daily for efficient results. It can relief you from exhaustion and provides you with vitamin C with cooling effects.

Lemon- a mini dentist

Lemons are known to provide you relief from a toothache and gum bleeding problems. If your gum or tooth is irritating you from pain, apply lemon juice- a drop or two for relief. Lemons also reduce and remove bad odor from your mouth as well. Since lemon is acidic, it can hurt you too. If such possibility occurs, rinse and wash your dental compartment immediately with water.

Lemon- a healer

You can say that a lemon is a mini antiseptic and coagulant. It is effective in internal bleeding and can sooth the sting pain. Besides skin care, it can prevent hair fall as well. Mix lemon juice with yogurt and egg in a bowl. Apply in your hair scalp, you will definitely see the best results in a week or two. It kills and removes toxins and harmful bacteria from your body and also helps to lose weight.

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