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15 surprising garlic benefits

Is Garlic good for you?15 surprising Garlic Benefits you were not aware

A healthy person can think better. Garlic benefits are numerous depending upon its use in diet. Julia child has rightly said about the healthy food,”You do not have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces just good food from fresh ingredients.” Garlic due to its flavor property in food it is widely used in pizza toppings, pastas, meat preparations and in many dip. Garlic are use as a medicine for many year in order to keep the diseases away.
Garlic belongs to the family of onions and famous for its flavor add in the variety of dishes. It has a good amount of sulfur compound which is good for healthy life.

Garlic contains following elements

Vitamin B :13%
Vitamin C :7%
Copper : 6%
Selenium :5 %
Phosphorus: 4%
Vitamin B1 :3 %
Manganese :15 %
Garlic in the market is present in many form such as powdered form, fresh garlic and many other products it is used.
15 surprising garlic benefits

Garlic Benefits

Iron and Garlic

Garlic help to improve the metabolism of iron.Iron is stored in our cells,it has a key passway passage to move out of the cell having the protein called ferroportin.Ferroportin is a kind of protein that runs across the cell membrane.Garlic is good in the production of iron that is needed by the body.

Prevention from Cancer

As garlic is good in taste but it also prevent from cancer disease. As it contains Allium a kind of sulfur in this vegetable. Researches have shown that the garlic is good in the prevention of cancer.Garlic in diet daily has lower the risk of all types of cancer.Garlic is considered to be the anti-cancer food. The Allium present in garlic play an important role in the prevention of cancer.As we take garlic in our food it will activate the substance called as nuclear erythroid factor in the main cells. From the main cell area it will then move into the nucleus of the cell where it hits many activities of metabolism that will produce the stronger cell and helps in oxidative stress. This production of cell will work with other cells in a combination.Due to this reason the garlic helps in preventing from almost all types of cancer.

Garlic act as a antibacterial and antiviral

Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties from many time. It is a complete medication. The presence of Allium substance not only make it as controlling factor of antibacterial infection but also infection from other microbes including yeasts and worms. New researches shown that if the garlic is used in the form of crushed form it will help to prevent from bacteria or viruse called as pseudomonas aeruginosa that will take place in burn areas of the patient. Garlic act as an antibacterial medication

Help out in Cardiovascular

Garlic powder,garlic oil or garlic extracts helps to prevent the cardiovascular system. Allium has the properties of cardioprotective. Garlic have ability to control the blood triglycerides total cholesterol in our body. It will prevent from the oxidative stress and inflammatory disease. Cardiovascular problem remind under control by eating the garlic if not taken in some amount then risk of heart attack are more. Garlic have a good combination of sulfur compound that will help to protect from both the diseases such as oxidative stress and unwanted inflammation. Properties of sulfur as allium are
APS(allyl polysulfides)
DAS(diallyl sulfide)
DADS(diallyl disulfide)
DT(1, 2-vinyldithiin)
SMC(S-methylcysteine) and many more.
Garlic is not only rich in sulfur but also have the amount of selenium, manganese and trace minerals.

Helpful in Hair Care

It will prevent from hair loss problems. Garlic in the sliced form can be rub on the scap or mixed with oil will prevent from the hair loss and make the hair shinny.

Protecting Skin

Garlic helps to prevent from the acne. It will reduced the acne or pimples on the face. As it is antioxidant so help in killing bacteria that harm the skin.

Prevent from cold

Garlic will prevent from the cold and maintain the immune system stable. If someone have cold or sneak, then it can be easily control by taking the garlic tea.

Help to remove itchy,Scaly patches

Garlic will help in the skin disease that have some red scaly patches all over the skin.Use the garlic oil on the itchy areas and get the good result of it.

Garlic Helps in controlling weight

According to the research on garlic the nutritionist allow to take garlic in food items to loss weight and help in burning fats.

Help in the treatment of athlete’s foot

One of garlic benefits is it has also the properties of anti –fungal that will help in the treatment of relieving pain and itchy in the foot of the athlete. Soak the foot in the bath by warm water and add crushed from of garlic in it.

Protect plants by using garlic

The pests have allergy to the garlic it can be used as a pesticide to avoid them. So by using it the plants remained protective.

Help in catching the fish

Garlic has good flavor to make the dish delicious to eat but its smell or scent attracts the fish. If someone want to catch the fish than use the pieces of garlic.

Active components of garlic reduce the chances of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or the problem of hypertension is one of the common disease now a days. By the use of garlic supplements these both disease can be reduce. The extracts of garlic having a dose of 600-1,500 mg is effective for the blood pressure patient.

Presence of antioxidants in garlic help to deal with Alzheimer’s disease.

Garlic contains antioxidants that help to control the disorder of oxidative damage. The doses of garlic supplements have major impact on the enzymes present in human and reduces theratio of oxidative stress that become the cause of Alzheimer s’ disease.

Increase the live

As garlic is healthy to take everyday in a diet so it will help you to live long. It help you to remain away from the heart attack, blood pressure and all kinds of antibacterial viruses so it means that garlic will increase the graph of your age.
Garlic benefits are not possible to count. It is the healthy product. Garlic is used in medication products from the old time.

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